The Transparent Textile Chain

Blockchain traceability for more sustainable and ethical products

Traceability of the textile supply chain

through blockchain

Textilechain traces textile and fashion products from origin to the end consumer using Quadrans Blockchain technology.    Quadrans is a public, distributed and decentralized register in which encrypted information is securely stored.    Once entered into the system and validated, the data is unalterable.
In particular, compared to other blockchains, Quadrans blockchain has lower operational costs and a transaction validation mechanism with little impact on energy consumption.

Thanks to the integration with legacy IT systems and IoT (Internet of Things), it is possible to achieve traceability throughout every stage of the supply chain, from production to logistics and distribution.

A tool for visibility of

information in real-time

The Textilechain QR codes allow you to access the complete and unchangeable history of the product to discover its path along all stages of processing.
The blockchain links all the information collected along the supply chain, crystallizes it and makes it accessible to all users.
In this way, the Textilechain platform makes photos, videos and all other information related to the product immediately available for consultation, in full respect of privacy levels which can be pre-set and structured according to the different business requirements.

How Textilechain works

Who is Textilechain for?

Blockchain technology

applied to the textile supply chain


Real-time access to all data in the supply chain to simplify, reduce costs and monitor quality.


The entire supply chain is digitised and information is immediately available.


Certifying ethical and social responsibility towards workers is an added value.


Sharing information means gaining trust with the consumer.


To connect information from all ecosystems of the supply chain and make it available to all stakeholders.


With respect to privacy choices, each actor of the supply chain has access to information related to production processes.


The information is integrated and standardised so that it is available to everyone.


To guarantee a reliable production and protect the quality of the product for the consumer.

Tracking and making
the supply chain transparent

Textilechain is the project born under Foodchain with the aim of tracing the textile and fashion sectors to help protect the Made in Italy brand. Based on the success achieved with Foodchain, we want to bring our experience to the textile sector as well. Our objectives are important and ever more challenging: to help companies communicate and interact better and faster with each other and with institutions. We want to simplify the ways to comply with the ever-changing bureaucratic procedures and at the same time enable companies to take on the opportunities offered by the digital age. Textilechain technology, in fact, establishes a transparent supply chain ecosystem to respond in a prompt and accurate way and at reasonable prices to the needs of the community and the increasingly aware consumers.